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Shelter Hope Project


Shelter Hope Project Mission Statement

The Shelter Hope Project wants to stop puppy millers and backyard breeders from mass-producing dogs for resale at pet shops and on the internet, while thousands are being dumped and euthanized everyday at shelters across the country.  The Shelter Hope Project rescues and re-homes dogs and cats from high kill shelters in the Los Angeles area.  Since its inception, The Shelter Hope Project has saved 4500 dogs.  The majority of these dogs have gone to pet shops that have joined our program; others have gone to rescues involved in our transport program.  We interconnect rescue groups, shelters, and pet shops to work together to end the continual euthanasia of highly adoptable dogs in California shelters.

Kim Sill has been the endlessly enthusiastic voice of the Ban Puppy Mills campaign for Last Chance for Animals (LCA).   In December 2007, Kim began protesting pet shops that sold mass-produced dogs and one year later she was able to shut down 6 pet shops.  She converted another 6 to selling rescues.

In May 2008 LCA worked on an undercover investigation of World Kennels which resulted in 54 puppy mills dogs being saved.  Cesar Millan went back to the puppy mill with LCA and showed him the conditions.  Cesar aired a special entitled Inside Puppy Mills to expose the truth behind the cute puppy in the window of your local pet shop!  Kim made it her mission, after working with Cesar, to convince pet shop owners to go humane and now works with them to change their business model to carry rescue dogs from high-kill shelters.  Kim uses a non-judgmental approach to working with business owners that have based their entire life’s business on the selling and profits of pure-breed dogs.  The Shelter Hope Project is able to supply highly adoptable dogs (that would have been euthanized) to pet shops all over California.


Kim out in the field, helping The Pet Shop Project’s vet, Dr. Small, and consulting with animal control officer Estrada at the San Bernardino City shelter.

Watch a video clip of Inside Puppy Mills with The Dog Whisperer... How did The Shelter Hope Project start?