DCups Saving Teacups
Women of Rescue
Women of Rescue

The D Cups Saving Tea Cups are a group of beautiful, courageous women who hit the mean streets of Los Angeles to save the lives of abused and abandoned dogs and cats. They expose the horrors of animal mistreatment in their quest to deliver these animals to good homes and happy endings. This website will keep you up to date on the fundraisers and the the rescue adventures the women create to help turn California into a state that Adopts and Shops at pet stores these women have converted to shelter pet shops.

Please don’t let the name fool you, these women are serious about rescue and the one thing they have in common besides their love of animals are their huge hearts!  Kim and her group spent a year protesting pet shops that sold mass produced puppies.

(Veiw videos of the D Cups by clicking on their names below...)

Kim Sill

Kim Sill is the founder and ring leader of the D Cups Saving Teacups. For many years, Kim Sill actively raised mioney to support Last Chance for Animals (LCA) and Best Friends Animal Society. In late 2007, Kim became the driving force behind LCA's investigations into puppy mills.
Kim took The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, into a mill to show him the conditions. That day they rescued 12 dogs. Through weekly, peaceful protests, Kim spearheaded the "Shelter Hope Project", and converted eith Los Angeles pet stores from selling puppy mill dogs into stores adopting out shelter dogs, including the highly publicized Los Angeles store on Melrose - Orange Bone. Kim relentlessly protested on street corners all over Los Angeles and recruited countless volunteers to help educate the public on the puppy mill issues and successfully led the campaign, "Adopt, Don't Shop!"

In the summer of 2009, Kim led the rescue and recovery of over 300 animals from the Mojave, CA desert home of a convicted animal hoarder. Kim appeard on the Dr. Phil Show to speak about this rescue. Kim has taken on the highest kill shelter, San Bernadino City. Twelve thousand animals are killed there every year and the numbers keep rising. Through a transport system and volunteers, Kim and other rescue groups shipped out 100 dogs a month to out of state shelters that are willing to take these death row dogs and find them forever loving homes. Kim founded "D Cups Saving Teacups" so other women would stand by her and protest pet stores. Many members are fellow fundraisers. Others came to help after seeing Kim on television shows, Youtube, and the news.

Demetra Canning

Demetra Canning was the drummer in the rock band L7 from 1988-2001.  L7 toured the U.S. and abroad countless times, and made many television appearances throughout their career, some of which include: Late Night with David Letterman, and The Jon Stewart Show.  They also performed at many rock festivals, such as Lollapalooza, and The Warped Tour. In 2009, Demetra went back to school, to work on her degree.  It was in May 2009 when she saw the episode of the Dog Whisperer “Inside Puppy Mills,” and decided to contact Kim Sill.  Now Demetra works tirelessly by Kim’s side in any rescue situation.

Kira Reed

Kira Reed is an actress, television host, writer and producer. After graduating UCLA’s School of Theatre Film and Television, she enjoyed a prolific on-camera career including feature films, guest spots on major networks, and a seven–year stint as a reporter for Playboy TV’s Sexcetera. Her work with the bunny lead her to writing and producing for Playboy, E!, and Associated Television.  She served as writer and supervising producer of the travel reality series 69 Sexy Things 2 Do Before You Die and is the producer and star of the new make-over show Hot Chick Eye- teaching clueless men how to date hot women.  KIRA is also the spokesperson for MyMedicalRecords and is an entertainment reporter for the Daytime Emmy Awards and The Hollywood Christmas Parade.  Most importantly, KIRA is the proud parent of 2 rescue dogs and 4 adopted cats.

Rene Ruston

Rene Ruston, a rescue group spokesperson, promotes many of the rescue groups in Los Angeles to help their dogs find homes. Very passionate, she's been known to get into a fight over a dog that needs her help! Rene is a petit ball of fire!

Tali Wegner

Tali is glamorous, energetic and creative, but she is also down to earth. Clients describe Tali as a “heart of gold and a tongue of steel” to describe they way she cares for her clients while fighting their legal battles.  Tally is fiercely loyal & protective and is disgusted those who prey on the weak.   Tali uses the law as both a sword and a shield to protect and stand up for the rights of animals and the people who protect them.  Tali is general counsel to The Brittany Foundation board of directors and provides pro bono legal services to the animal rescue community.

Christina Lublin
Christina Lublin began her entertainment career working on independant films. in 1998, she began working at Dick Clark Productions on live television shows, including , New Year's Rockin Eve, American Music Awards and the Golden Globes. In 2004, Christina began producing the National Geographic television series, The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. Christina has produced over 150 episodes for the three time Emmy nominated series.

Shannon von Roemer

Shannon is the owner of Bark n' Bitches, L.A.'s premium upscale humane pet shop in Fairfax Village. It is the celebrity pet store. Bark n' Bitches is the first successful groundbreaking pet shop model that is anti-puppy mill. The first great pet shop that contributes to the welfare of dogs, not only by saving lives of abandoned pets, but involving the community in their care. The store is constantly bustling with activity from the streets of people needing a "doggy fix". Shannon has successfully re-homed 1500 dogs in the first 4 years at this pet boutique on Fairfax Ave.

Cheri Lucas

Cheri Lucas founded Second Chance at Love Humane Society in 1994. Her mission has grown from rescuing dogs one-by-one on her own, to housing and caring for as many as 60 dogs at a time at the spacious, oak-studded shelter on her private property in Templeton, California. Second Chance at Love Humane Society is a no-kill dog rescue and has rescued and placed more than 3,000 dogs. In 1999, Lucas met and began mentoring under Cesar Millan, the famed dog behaviorist of National Geographic’s hit series, The Dog Whisperer. She has appeared on five episodes of The Dog Whisperer and has co-hosted Sessions with Cesar.

Dani Caouette
Dani Caouette first saw Kim Sill on the news, as Kim was trying to assist 30 innocent dogs who had been pushed out of a moving van to certain death. The scene was so horrific, Kim was asking for the public's help. That's when Dani offered her background in Marketing & PR to help Kim and animals in need. Dani has played a large role in the creation of Shelter Hope Pet Shop.


Veronica Ferrantelli
Founder of "The Dog Rescuers".... Animals depend on us, and we’ve spent the past 4 year living up to our promise to save more animals than ever before.  We continue our crusade to help end animal cruelty, by transporting hundreds of dogs and cats to no kill shelters, in Oregon and Washington.  We are lowering the euthanasia rate in our high kill shelters by offering 2 free spay/neuter clinics in Riverside County and Kern County, once a month.  With hopes to help Lancaster, South Central Los Angeles and Devore.  We also work with children in hospitals with our rescue therapy dog Zoe.   There is still so much to do & we need your help.